Ziros Lord of Thought

The Earthmancer.


Eighty years ago in the desserts to the east a mighty Psionist called Ziros lived. He was known for his ability to manipulate the earth itself and to cause major disasters. At first, he joined an adventuring group and sought his fame and fortune. Then when that failed he killed them and took their gear. Thus becoming a bandit lord, from their he became a lord of an oasis and then murdered a town and took it over. Finally, he set eyes on greater things. It is said then that Ziros was killed by one of the children of the original adventurers that he had slayed. Unfortunately for them Ziros’ brain was spirited away by his clay golem and kept preserved.

Ziros is a mighty master of the earth. His psionic abilities allow for him to control the land as he sees fit. On top of that he is a powerful psion, when he was restored to full mental capabilities after his defeat he forced everyone that took part in his downfall to brutally murder each other. Out of all the Greater Elemental Eyes he is the most twisted, often seeking to cause as much pain and suffering that he can. It is rumored that he feeds off the psionic energy that this suffering causes. In combat he travels around with his greater earth elemental golem. An extremely rare construct that he created. Unlike the rest of his group Ziros does not have intelligent followers and instead likes to work through thralls, earth elementals and golems made out of earth. Currently he is happy with being a brain. He also worships Ogrémoch along with Tharizdun.

Ziros Lord of Thought

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