Orb of Complete Darkness

Artifact of Darkness


Used by Dupliss after a year long ritual, this artifact that draws it’s power from the shadow plane was enhanced. It is said that this item was original created by Evard himself, in order to cover a city in eternal darkness. Now enhanced the artifact posses the ability to cause a bleed between the Shadowfell and the Material plane. This not only causes the area to become covered in darkness but it also allows for an increase in undead crossing over onto the material plane from the Shadowfell. Perhaps, from this enhancement the orb gained a certain level of sentience.

When the party recovered the orb it drew the life force out of Alister and took a shadowy form. Instead of besting the creature in combat the party attempted to over feed it life energy. Now with more power the creature fled.


Orb of Complete Darkness

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