Rebirth of Light

Dragon's Bane Gaiden
Trevan and Oliver's Not So Exellent Adventure

Feigning unconsciousnesses Oliver kept an eye on the happenings of his captors, looking for the perfect time to free himself and Trevan. He knew that Trevan was in bad shape and the best way to make sure that both of them escaped was to keep his wits about him. As the day began to slip away the two adventurers were dropped off in a warren full of injured and dying members of Krallix’s army. Seeing the perfect time to act, Oliver whispered words of power to Trevan, thus infusing the Warlord once more with the energy to fight. Now awake Trevan quickly scanned the area and came to the conclusion that an attempt to break out here and now would lead to their deaths and that it was better to wait until less people were around. Coming to an agreement both Oliver and Trevan decided to feign unconsciousnesses some more in order to go unnoticed. At this point in time however rough hands descended upon them and scooped them up. Both heard a large raspy voice claim that they would be going to the cells, and soon after be interrogated.

Now finding themselves in a jail cell, stripped of their gear and weapons that two wayward members of Dragon’s Bane pondered a way to escape. As they talked back and forth they noticed a Dwarf prisoner in the cell next to them. Always being the talkative type, Oliver introduced himself and asked of the Dwarf his name and his tale of woe that led to his capture. Taken aback by the conventional tone of the Bard the Dwarf reflectively answered that his name is Aldrick Bronzestatue and that he was taken prisoner a while ago, most likely because he was a Dwarf in the wrong place at the wrong time. With introductions mostly finished, Oliver quickly got down to business asking the Dwarf is he knew of a way out of the cell. Aldrick flat out said that he did not, but that if he was let out of his cell he could possibly break them out, and then that he knew of some secret paths leading to cave that could potentially lead out. Not seeing any better options, Oliver used what little bit of magic he had to free the Dwarf from the cell by teleporting him outside the cell. Now free the Dwarf scurried off into the shadows promising to return shortly with a hammer or something equally capable of breaking the lock.

Hours pass by, with no sign of Aldrick. Oliver begins to worry that the Dwarf ran off with out them. Trevan on the other hand feels it is more likely that Aldrick has been brutally murdered, after all who heard of stealthy Dwarf. Either way both began to lose hope that Aldrick would return. An hour later however Aldrick returned with a rock and some sticks, he apologized to them for the lack of a real hammer, but with rocks and sticks and twain he could in fact make a crude hammer of sorts. Feeling as if that wouldn’t be enough Oliver offered one of the few things that they were allowed to keep when they were thrown into the cell, a Dwarven steel ale cup. Oliver figured that with this extra item, Aldrick might be able to make a solid hammer. Praying for luck the Dwarf put all the items together to make a crude hammer and banged at the door with all his might. Alas after nearly twenty minutes of banging, the cell door’s lock remained steadfast. Sighing a sad sigh Aldrick admitted that he feared as much, as he explains that he thinks that that the door is comprised of some sort of adamantine metal.

Not giving up hope however Oliver sprung one last trick that he had up his sleeve, turning towards Trevan, Oliver asks the Warlord to deck him as hard as he can. Taken aback by this Trevan instead begins to questions the Bard’s sanity, and proceeds to question him of his motives. Just then voices are heard coming down the corridor, and Aldrick gives warning that someone is approaching. Not wanting to waste time debating with Trevan, Oliver orders his comrade to deck him, shrugging his shoulders it confusion Trevan leans back and throws a mighty blow at the Bard’s face. With a poof Oliver uses the last of his magic, to teleport to the outside of the cell. He quickly turns to Trevan and explains this spell requires for him to be hit first, in order for it’s effect to activate. Oliver then tells Trevan to hold tight because he and the Dwarf where going to go hide and look for something to pick the cell lock. With those words spoken Aldrick and Trevan duck into the shadows, leaving Trevan truly alone.

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Fall of Hammerfast

As the group gathers more and more survivors among the those still left in the city, they note that no one seems to know where Goldspinner is. Growing more worried by the minute for the safety of the venerable Goldspinner the party heads to her estate in the city once their they find a scene of carnage and destruction. Scouring the estate Goldspinner is nowhere to be found. Giving up the search the group heads back out to gather more survivors. Just then Krallix’s voice comes through to every one. He tells the city that the have merely five minutes to surrender or face annihilation, worried but still standing strong the Dwarves of Hammerfast refuse to surrender, must of them citing the belief in the rallying forces of Duke Sword to protect them. After five minutes are up, hell is unleashed upon Hammerfast.

A lone catapult from Krallix’s side launches it’s ammo towards the city. As it does time stops, and Asmos once more appears. He tells Alister the city is about to fall as it was destined to do in the original time line and that it might be prudent to save as many lives as possible. With that advice Asmos disappears and time starts once more. The orb sent from the catapult flies towards the center of the city and stops mid air. With a whir and a blast of light the sphere sends beams of light crashing into buildings causing them to crumble to dust. Awed by the power of the sphere, the group pulls back and gets a hold of Charlie to find more info on this weapon of destruction. Once in contact with Charlie the party learns that this is a Tyrannosphere, a powerful weapon of destruction capable of leveling entire cities by itself. Charlie further, tells the group that one should not exist anymore since they were all thought to have been destroyed in the war of Bael Turath and Arkhosia, cutting Charlie off about the reality of the situation the group asks how to defeat it. Charlie unfortunately tells them that it will take a lot a power to do so, and that the group might be lacking that power, furthermore there is still something else about the Tyrannosphere that Charlie can’t recall.

Taking Charlie’s words seriously the group ponders how to take the sphere down, Fruitbat scoffs that they don’t have the power to take down the sphere but that they instead lack the ability to get near it before it takes them out. The rest of the group thinks that Fruitbat is on to something and begin to come up with ways to assault the sphere, one idea quickly tossed out and then quickly put to rest was using the tunnels to get under it. Finally after talking to the other Dwarves the party decides that they will use an ambush to attack the sphere. In order to do this though they will need to create a shield line wall and charge the sphere once it gets to the correct spot. When this is done Fruitbat will ambush the sphere from atop a building while the two new members of Dragon’s Bane draw closure to it. Everyone realizes that this will take great sacrifice on the part of the Dwarves of Hammerfast but that it was the only chance that they had in order to take down the sphere that was leveling the city.

With plan underway the Dwarves of Hammefast boldly charge the engine of destruction, and faced the beams that rained death upon them head first. The first sign that the plan might fail happened rather quickly as Fruitbat in his ambush only managed a glancing blow against the sphere and fell to the ground. As the sphere turned it’s might on the fallen barbarian, Alister sought to bring it low with spells that would bring it to the ground. This too had little to no effect on the sphere as it continued to pummel the barbarian with beams. As the seconds went by the other member of Dragon’s Bane began to lose hope in the plan as the watched a continuous stream of energy create a crater with Fruitbat in the center. Finally, the group had had enough they realized that their was no way that the plan was going to work and the the lost of Dwarven lives had been for naught. Calling the retreat the group limped away from the warmachine of annihilation. Resting for a few minutes after the botched assault on the sphere the party gets word from Charlie. Charlie warns them to get out of there now, because according to research the Tyrannosphere normally came in pairs for faster destruction of cities. Not wanting to face the sphere again let alone a second one the group gathers as many survivors they can and flee.

The day was lost, and Hammefast fell…

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Times are changing

Rushing back to the burning wreckage of the city of Hammerfast the party begins to realize how disastrous the situation is turning out to be and the war in the East is all but lost. As the Witch Alister seeks to find Duke Sword, time begins to slow and then stop around him. Trying to perceive the cause he runs into a young boy. This boy introduces himself as Asmos Timewalker and time traveler of sorts. Asmos looks around the ruins of Hammerfast and remarks that time has gotten a little off track, that the city wasn’t supposed to have fallen this quickly and that two dead Dwarves nearby where not supposed to meet their demise just yet. Confused by this Alister asked what could be done, about time being off track, in response Asmos gives him a pocket watch. He then told Alister that time was about to rewind and that the Dwarves nearby would be given a little longer to live and that they should use this second chance to give the city the proper amount of time it needs before it falls to Krallix and with that he disappears giving only one last bit of advice to Alister, of not making contact with his past self.

Time unwinds and Alister finds himself three hours in the past standing before a group of Dwarves. Two among them proceed to challenge the witch’s sudden presence in the city. Alister quickly explains that he is apart of Dragon’s Bane and that he is here to save the city. Recognizing him but still not fully trusting him, the two Dwarves that challenged him decide to follow him to keep an eye on them. As they move through the city they find many dead Dwarves, Orcs and human defenders of the city, but no bodies of enemies. Just then the group by chance notices a group of foreign humans creeping through some of the buildings, trying to go un-noticed through the city. The group quickly challenges these people to a fight and quickly find that these men are gifted martial artist, as the fight ensues, suddenly a path of destruction proceeds to head towards the two groups. When the smoke and dust settles standing over defeated foes is Fruitbat. With one more on their side the group wipes the floor with the martial artist.

Alister introduces the Dwarves and the Drow female to his wayward companion and asks why is he in the city. Fruitbat is fully confused because he was not intending to go into the city, he just charged from one foe to another until it lead him here. Bemused by the barbarian’s response but none the less happy to have him the group headed deeper into the city. As they continued the group noticed more dead martial artist, but even more dead defenders of the city, furthermore, they noticed that weird blades were laying all around the bodies of the dead. Before they could investigate further, they run into a fat man swilling alcohol from a gourd. The man introduces himself in a foreign tongue, realizing the party can’t understand him the man laughs and speaks common with an accent. He introduces himself Kaeru(Frog/Toad) one of Go Doku, and with that he challenges them to combat. During the course of the fight, Dwarves learn to their horror that two other members of the Go Doku are in the city and have targeted Goldspinner. Enraged by this news everyone fights harder to end the fight and things seem to be going in the groups favor when Kaeru uses his fighting style to make himself near impervious to attack. Now facing a nearly invincible foe the party struggles to subdue their enemy. Finally with a final blow, Fruitbat cuts down the fat man ending the fight.

Before the group can even recover from this tough fight two more people show up. They do not give names but they do taunt the party. Alister seeks to ignore them but Fruitbat nearly heads off on his own to fight the two of them. This is stopped by the rest of the group yelling at him and offering alcohol. Seeing none of the party willing to take the bait the two figures give cryptic warning that Toshiro and his army will be harder to deal with than they think, before vanishing. After taking a quick brake the party heads off once more to deal with invasion of the city. Heading to the deepest part of the city the group runs into Toshiro standing on top of a pile of bodies. Upon noticing the group we welcomes them and notes that none have seen through his trap. Baffled but already in a bad mood the party launches a vicious attack only to be surprised attack by a large group of blades. Toshiro then explains that his army is a whole host of possesed blades and then proceeds to launch his counter attack in earnest against the party. Battered by all sides the party quickly found themselves losing steam and quickly not willing to give up however the party launches one desperate attack after another hoping to to over come the army of blades. Luck smiles on the party as they launch into a last ditch frenzy of attack using the stalwart Dwarves as shields and Fruitbat as the blade, the party managed to push through and defeat Toshiro. Shocked by his defeat Toshiro and his blades fall lifeless, but still from his mouth he speaks to them that they are doomed. That Krallix is holding his most powerful weapon for last, and that even though he did not want to use it right away he would if the city had not fallen in an hour and with that Toshiro spoke no more. Tired but worried the group rushed through the city to find survivors, Goldspinner and then mount a counter attack, all before Krallix could release his doomsday weapon.

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The group is finally ready for the war with Krallix’s troops, they spend the day going over strategy after strategy seeking different ways to over come any possible situation. Just then Duke Sword asks for them to come and meet him at the gates of Hammerfast. When the group arrives they are given word that their group will be split up since the troops being assigned to them would prefer not to work with Fruitbat. Reluctantly the group agrees to this provision. Duke Sword however decides that to make up for their lost of power by assigning his own daughter Velencia to accompany them on the battle field. Furthermore, Duke Sword lets the group know that his other daughter Valeria is on her way with aerial support in the form of griffon riders. Now being accompanied with Duke Swords daughter the group heads out into the battle field.

Once the battle begins the group finds themselves once more comfortably showing their vaunted power, they quickly capitalize on their swiftness and catch many of Krallix’s troops unaware. This continues until they meet some of Blackadder’s troops, which prove to be more formidable a fierce. Still with Velencia on their side the group isn’t challenged to much as they push through Blackadder’s men leaving them broken and battered. At this point the party decides to take one of these men hostage so they can interrogate him about his boss. Not surprisingly he doesn’t seem to recall that much of Blackadder, but he does make note that Krallix’s troops while attacking together are actually pretty divided by rank and race. Noting that Velencia is with them the group sends the prisoner back with some escorts, before moving on.

The next the party runs into Atsuro of the Deathless Dragons, he banters with the party for a bit before sending his men to attack. The group quickly finds this fight to be tougher than the last few fights, since Atsuro and his men fight with tactics. Worse yet Atsuro reveals that he has Ninja and Draconians with him, making the fight even more difficult. That is until a new ally appears on the field, with stealth and quickness a Drow proceeds to attack the Ninja, catching them off guard. This newcomer claims to be an ally to the party and seeks to join the ranks of Dragonbane for whatever reason. Heartened by having another ally the party pushes back against Atsuro and his men. When the battle finally looks lost for him Atsuro breaks from the battle but not before explaining that Toshiro has already caused the fall of Hammerfast.

Worried about Atsuro’s words and unable to get a hold of forces back in the city, Velencia wishes to return to Hammerfast to make sure everything is all right. The group however wished to continue on, seeking to smash more of Krallix’s troops while the momentum was in their favor. Unable to come up with a way to satisfy both sides, Velencia asks to leave and is allowed to do so by the group. After some discussion about what to do with the Drow woman, the group also decides to take her along, hopefully providing a cover for Velencia. With a new member in tow and down Duke Sword’s daughter the party headed towards the biggest disturbance on the battle field.

Upon arriving to a massacre the group found a small unit of Warforged tearing through the Hammerfast troops. These Warforged were unlike any of the other troops that the party had encountered before, they were incredibly disciplined and worked as one furthermore, they had with them large massive Warforged. Still the group decided to face down this challenge with the confidence and bravado that had gotten them through the previous fights. Unfortunately for the group they made a more than a few mistakes as they fought their foe, which quickly capitalized on the openings and pressed the advantage. Faced with a daunting challenge the group’s teamwork started to unravel and their assault quickly faltered. Finally the call to retreat was sounded but the party found that more difficult said then done. The Warforged quickly moved to secure a prisoner and managed to capture Oliver before he could get away. Uncharacteristically Trevan jumped back into battle to save is friend, but he too quickly found himself captured. Unable to do anything the rest of the party continued their retreat as they watched their companions be carried off.

Later broken and battered the remaining members of Dragon’s Bane headed back towards Hammerfast, ducking as many fights as possible. The slow march back to the city quickly, became a hurried rush however when the group noticed smoke coming from the direction of the city. Running at a break neck pace the remainder of the group finally crested a small hill upon the plains of Hammerfast and looked out upon the city. What they saw caused their hearts to sink faster than stone in the murky depths of the black abyss. Hammerfast had fallen….

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Dinner with Krallix and the Death and Rebirth of Trevan

The group finds themselves in a difficult position, Krallix has asked to meet with the most important people in the area and that includes the party. With mixed feeling the group accepts the offer. Mere hours later the group finds that they have a message from Duke Sword, he asked of them to look out for a Swordmage that he had asked be assigned to their team. Grumbling about another new member the group sucked it up and waited. Four hours later and the group still did not hear from the Swordmage at the appropriate time and place. Fearing the worse the group headed out once more in order to find out what happened to their new wayward companion.

Upon arriving at town not to far from Hammerfast and the group stumbled on to a hostage situation. A man had taken four to five women hostage and was demanding for people to leave. Outside of the building though stood a female fire Genasi that resembled the description of their new companion. Oliver quickly suspected that she was in fact a succubus much to the chagrin of the rest of the group, still though the group decided to lend an had to the situation. After measuring the height of the window from the ground Fruitbat decided that he would pounce up into the window and take the out the man. This was a successful tactic but it left the headstrong barbarian alone with the hostages. As it turns out these females were assassins pretending to be hostages so that they could ambush the party. A fight ensued and the group managed to put an end to the threat. The villagers though were less then happy with a group of adventurers an town and shunned them afterwards.

After a little back and forth with their new comrade they discovered her name was Jerra and she was a fierce firecracker of a woman. After a quick rest at the village inn the group headed back to Hammerfast to parley with Krallix. Once there they noted that a new structure had been built in the middle of an open field not to far away from the city. Upon being noticed they were brought to the building by a group of Dwarves. Once inside Goldspinner, and Duke Sword welcomed them. Just then trumpets blared announcing the arrival of Krallix. As the dinner progressed the party learned of Krallix’s generals. The two from the Deathless Dragons were a big man named Atsuro and a small sickly man called Toshiro. Then there was also the notorious mercenary captain Blackadder who reveled in being vile. The leader of the Warforged troops was given the designation of Ransuer for the upcoming battle and the Draconian leader went by the name Draco. Also there was a Duergar there that called himself Embershard.

It was clear to all that Krallix was simply toying with the party and the rest at the dinner, as he kept dropping hints. Finally, as the meal concluded he announced that they had already lost the war and proceeded to leave the building. Not happy with this the group decides to launch a quick offensive but are stopped by the presence of a red dragon, Fruitbat quickly jump into action only to learn that the dragon is an illusion. During this time though Krallix made his way far away from the party. Slightly after the dinner the group learned that the nearby mountain strong hold had been sacked and that the gold hidden away there for the war was being stolen. Extremely upset by this Duke Sword order the group to the mountain to try to recover the gold and defend the Dwarves. Upon reaching the mountain the party found itself facing little to know resistance instead the found themselves being led to a large room. Realizing it was a trap the group continued on the path anyhow.

When they entered into the room their exit was cut off by a land slide caused by some Duergar, but before the group had the chance to deal with these enemies they faced off with a mechanical behemoth. What ensued was a battle that rocked the entire mountain as the party fought bravely and cautiously against the mechanical monstrosity. Finally, the final blow was landed against it. Feeling the need for a quick rest the group learned that wasn’t going to happen because the Duergar set off another of their traps that started to cause the area to collapse. The group tried valiantly to get ahead of the collapsing area but failed to do so. In the end it took hours for them to dig themselves out and when they did they came upon a ghastly sight. All of the Dwarves had been slaughtered by their attackers, and all the gold had been taken.

After rushing back, the party gave Duke Sword and Goldspinner the bad news. Both were saddened to hear of the loss of the Dwarves and worried over the loss of the gold. Duke Sword and Goldspinner then left and allowed the group to rest in one of the pavilion tents set up on the battlefield. Before leaving Duke Sword told Trevan that his master would be here with some fine fighters. Nearly eight hours later a commotion awoke the group that then rushed to see what it was. Outside lied a pile of bodies and Trevan’s master was among them. Rushing to his aid Trevan was warned by his dying master that the true enemies were not the Deathless Dragons but a mysterious group called the Go Doku. Feeling a slight loss from the death of his master Trevan and the rest decided to return to the pavilion and reflect on who this new enemy was.

While the bodies were being taken care off, a messenger arrived for Dragon’s Bane, not thinking anything of it the group opened the message with out having the full party there. A strange dimensional barrier opened up and sealed them all in it. Just then three of the Revengers teleported in and began a viscous assault on the group. Further, making things difficult a strange man appeared dressed in what Trevan recalls as the garb of the ninja, and he too began to attack the party. Fighting valiantly the group knew they could not win this fight, but figured they could take out some of their enemies just then Trevan was stroke done. This single action caused the rest of the Revengers to break off from their attack and escape. What now remained was the corpse of Trevan and two badly beaten members of Dragon’s Bane.

Trevan awoke to find himself in a strange hall, as he marched down it he saw flashes of his past. At the end of the hall loomed a massive figure. For the first time in his life Trevan lacked any words to say, the figure called himself Bane…. The god of war offered Trevan a second chance at life and more power. Trevan refused saying that he would rather be dead then serve Bane. Bane acknowledged this and left Trevan in the land of the dead. Meanwhile the aspect of one of Bane’s exarch’s made his presence known to Fruitbat, he offered to return Trevan to life and give Fruitbat more power than he had before. Agreeing to this Fruitbat increased in size, and his donned armor turned black. Trevan awoke alive and well, but angry at Fruitbat for making such a deal with Bane. Still he was glad to be alive again. With the rest of the party at a loss for words over the events that transpired, the group soldiers on, for on the marrow there is war.

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Farewells and Hellos

Finally with the Abbey protected the party has enough to time to gather their senses and begin help with repairs to Gardmore. It is during this time that Lukan and Saf come to the conclusion that they wish to stay at the Abbey and continue to serve on at this station in the name of Sir Oakley. Though a little troubled by the thought of losing two trusted stalwart allies, the rest of the party agrees. The day then came that the party was split.

Heading to the East the trio that now make up Dragon’s Bane came upon an old mansion during a storm. Upon entering this place that they discovered the party ran into a mysterious figure claiming to be a witch. This man showed strong talent with the mystic arts and also managed to divine some prospects of the future by rolling bones. Not easily impressed with his magic the party asked him his business. To this the witch asked to join the group. This made the party skeptical but the allowed him to join since that party was down a few members. Later that night the Kenku made his appearance to the party, it offered them some information for gold. When the party procured the gold for the Kenku it told them that Krallix had a mysterious group of people with him and a giant bipedal machine. Undaunted the party vowed to still fight Krallix.

A few days later the part arrives at the estate of Duke Sword, who welcomes them with a heroes feast. This lord impresses the party with his physical prowess and acute tactical awareness. During the meal Duke Sword introduces a small man by the name of Wu Pang, who happens to be the brother of Trevan’s master Ju Pang. Duke Sword asks Wu Pang about the mysterious men with Krallix. Wu Pang responds that they are a small part of a large group called the Deathless Dragons who fight in the far east. Upon telling them this Wu Pang makes note that he and his brother used to be apart of the organization before they fled to the West, he also makes note that he wants nothing to do with this fight, though he knows Duke Sword will call upon him.

The very next day the party leaves Duke Sword’s estate and travel to the Dwarven city of Hammerfast. Since they were already briefed about Hammerfast’s peculiar situation the group was not at all worried or surprised to see that ghosts walked side by side with the living. The group then when and found the leader of the City of Hammerfast, an older Dwarven woman by the name of Goldspinner. She quickly made sure that they were set up with a place to rest in the city and made sure to give them all the information that they needed. As soon as she left another female Dwarf by the name of Blackshield and a large male Dragonborn Thar made their presence known. Thar let them know that he was the strongest follower of Gruumsh in the area, after that seemingly pointless statement he left. Blackshield though had a mission for the group, she asked them to go to a tomb and clear out an area that had hostile spirits that were attacking the living. At first the party seemed hesitant but when she offered them payment the group changed their mind.

Before heading out to face the spirits the party sought to gather the aid of a cleric of sorts. When the asked the Dwarves they were turned down with haste. Feeling as they had no choice the party turned to the Orcs in the city and asked them. This time not only did they gt turned down but were also ridiculed for being weak too. This enraged Fruitbat and he challenged one of the warpriest of Gruumsh to a battle. The priest agreed but claimed it would be a battle to the death. This did not stop Fruitbat and the battle commenced, when the blood and gore was done Fruitbat and the warpriest were down but only Fruitbat was still alive. Feeling as if they had just wasted a large amount of time the party picked their barbarian up dusted him off and headed out.

Once at the tomb the party was immediately attacked by the spirits in this place, this resulted in the party quickly going on the offensive but not realizing that their party was now different. Furthermore, the enemy possessed team work and strong mind altering effects. The party began to see flashes of the history with these soldiers, each of these members were human and they helped their Dwarven comrades defend the city so long ago against the onslaught of some Orcs led by a bigger more powerful Orc carrying a spear that called down lightning. The images ended with a large Dwarf with a massive hammer came barreling down on this Orc. Shaken but not thrown off by these images the party worked together at last to bring the enemy down. After the battle the party finds a mural depicting the spear that the larger Orc in the vision wielded.

When the party returns to Blackshield, Thar is just leaving her quarters. As he leaves he give some praise to Fruitbat for his fine fighting skills earlier with the warpriest of Gruumsh. With few a few words spoken to Thar the group headed in to talk to Blackhield, she thanks them for the efforts and awards them their gold. Afterwards the part goes on to turn in but are instead summoned by Goldspinner. Upon entering her antechamber the party is asked what type of man is this Krallix, only Trevan speaks out and answers the question put forth. Soon after listening to Trevan’s tale of Krallix, Goldspinner hands to them an envelope. Inside is an invitation by Krallix, for an early dinner….

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The adventure begins with the party reaching the main gate. Once there they are attacked by a group of trolls and orcs intent on keeping the gate open. With the war raging all across them the party engaged the enemy. Alie made her presence known openly mocking the party and their efforts, her taunts were cut short though when Sir Oakley used his newly increased divine power to blunt some of the enemies forces. Now with momentum on their side the party made quick work of the enemy forces and Alie removed herself from the battle field.

At that moment Vestapalk manage to reach the feygrove in the Abbey and making sure to drive out the Eladrin defenders. Though so close to the gate the party felt that they needed to drive Vestaplak out first before fighting any more of the forces. The party and Sir Oakley rushed with great haste to the feygrove, but were ambushed by a group of Githyanki Dragonriders. Using himself as a distraction Sir Oakley bought the entire party enough time to make their way inside the feygrove. Though before they did he told them to seek the fountain of Ioun. As the party made their way inside the feygrove they were told by a group of Eldritch Knights that the natural defenses of the grove are down.

Cautiously the party made it to the fountain of Ioun in the center of the feygrove and drunk from it, thus gaining a small boon. Steeling themselves the party headed to an outcropping in which they last saw Vestapalk. Upon reaching their destination they quickly found that the green dragon had prepared for their arrival and had chosen the place to give himself all the advantages that he needed. What came next was a massive battle, the party learned that Vestapalk was a cunning and dangerous a natural stalker. Unlike Bitterstrike who fought in a berserk fashion, Vestapalk made sure to hit and run leaving the party vulnerable at all points. Finally though they managed to sink themselves up and deliver one massive blow after another to the green dragon and finally brought him down.

After the battle the party was planning on taking the the Kobold that was accompanying Vestapalk, prisoner when black bolts flew into his and Vestapalk’s flesh. Looking around the party found a lone elf with a crossbow standing in the shadows. The party sprung immediately into action by attacking him only to find their attack quickly bludgeoned. The elf dropped his disguise revealing himself to be Dupliss which the party had already guessed. Dupliss began to spout off all sorts of things going in and out of topic on a whim indulging the party with both truths and lies. He stated that he may have killed Hurly on the way here, that he had shot Oakley in the, that he had poisoned the feygrove and all sorts of other things. Worried about Oakley the party rushed from the feygrove to where they last saw him, upon finding him they saw that he was injured but not grievously so.

Finally, with the great green dragon down and the defenders of the Abbey rallying their forces, the siege was was broken. The remaining enemy forces were driven back into the mountains, and the defenders of the Abbey were finally given a moments of rest. That night Sir Oakley talked with the party letting it be known that it was an honor to serve with them. He asked them to protect the vale and that he had sent a note to his retainer to bring the remainder of his families assets to be given to the party. He then stood and saluted them and made his way to the great temple of Bahamut in the center of the Abbey. In the morning they found him wearing armor of the purest platinum, sword in hand in eternal rest.

Mourning the lost of a great man the party did not let grief overcome them, as they quickly got back to work making sure that the Abbey was being rebuilt and the civilians were safe and accounted for, later that evening Lukan managed to finish the Immortal Game with his knight taking the queen of the phantom player putting the king in check. Also Varrius and Count Merrick made their arrival, and it seemed that Merrick had not made it from the battle unscathed, as he wore a cast upon his leg. Varrius asked for the sword, before Iodyia showed up agreeing the party gave him the sword, and had his artificer go about re-crafting it. Just then Iodyia showed up and demanded the sword, the party was left to wonder if some how there was a double-cross afoot. Just then the mysterious monk of Ioun filled them in letting them know that Iodyia and her sister work for the Oracle not Varrius and that Varrius sought to get something for nothing. The priest then pocketed the sword himself and proclaimed that it should go to the hall of Ioun, Varrius begrudgingly gave up on the sword and Iodyia was forced to too.

Three days later the party received a chest from the Oakley estate, in it contained 1,000 platinum pieces and a letter from Oakley asking the brave defenders of the vale to continue doing so. Moved the party agreed that they would set out soon to deal with the army in the east and bring the Vale one step closer to peace. In the east though awaits Krallix, the parties long time foe and his dark forces.

Last time on Dragon's Bane 6

The adventure begins with the group watching the green signal flare lit by the massive siege tower in front of the Abbey. After some analysis they come to the conclusion that the signal might be to warn or alert Vestapalk the green dragon. The party then notices that the civilians of the Abbey are frightened and a little on edge. It is at this point the party is approached by Sarah who asks the party if they have any fire weapons to deal with the possibility of Trolls. Saf mentions his fire gouge and offers it to the lady in hopes to increase its power. Before she leaves Sarah asks Oliver to accompany her for dinner, which he gladly accepts.

The rest of the party turns in for the night, while Oliver and Sarah enjoy dinner though both appear to be extremely tired after the meal and so retire to her room. Early dawn the party is awoken by Ironhide and Sir Oakley who are frantic. Ironhide tells the party that Lord Merrick’s troops have been laid to waste by Githyanki riding dragons. Furthermore, Ironhide believes that the Abbey is going to be attacked in a pincer formation by both sides. He asks that the party guard the gate while mages, druids and archers guard the opposite side of the Abbey. Upon hearing all of this the group gathers their things and rushes to the battlefield as quickly as they can, though they wonder were Oliver is.

Oliver meanwhile awakes to find himself tied up next to Sarah, who explains that her maids tied them up after drugging them and took all their stuff. Angry Oliver tries to undo the knots tying him down but has a little difficulty. A maid walks in a stammers somethings and apologizes before running off. Now more angry Oliver unties his knot and then Sarah’s. Now free Oliver starts to head to the battlefield, but before he can Sarah tells him that she will join him on the battlefield but first she needs to get some things and grab Saf’s improved weapon. Oliver voices some concern over her coming to the battlefield but notes he can’t stop her.

The party makes it to the gate in time to see some of the siege towers collapse releasing twenty or so Pact Dragons being rode by Githyanki. With the element of surprise on the enemies side the evasion begins fast and furious as the Githyanki manage to get over the wall and proceed to drop down troops. The party faces off with a few of these ground fighters, noting there skill and strength being above what they usually face. Still the party pushes on and manages to beat the first encounter of Githyanki they face. Oliver finally makes it back to the group only to run into two Githyanki dragonriders.

Unlike the previous enemies the party faces a foe with aerial superiority. Worrying about this Saf flies up high to do battle with them, only to find himself and his mount out matched against two dragonriders, in the end his mount was destroyed for the time being leaving him grounded. After that the party rallies together to make an offensive against the dragonriders, and with luck they are successful in taking one down. Fruitbat then mounts one of the dragons with out a rider and finds himself whisked away to the astral sea. The rest of the party stunned finish off the other dragonrider.

With Fruitbat gone and Sarah no where to be seen the party proceeds to panic a little. Luckily enough they manage to track down some Eladrin mages who with some convincing decide to recall Fruitbat. Though the mages make note that they are using their resources to do so. At this point the party takes a twenty minute break to observe the battlefield, Oliver takes the broom and flies up high to witness the havoc. Spotting one of Sarah’s maids he lets loose an arrow right into her knee. Feeling good now Oliver returns to the party and tells them what he sees. In the astral sea Fruitbat proceeds to be called back to the main material plane.

Finding himself in the Feygrove now, Fruitbat is quickly dejected by the Eladrin and told to find his party. At this point the group runs into Sir Oakley who has Charlie with him. Realizing the Abbey could fall Oakley decides to use the boon that Bahamut has awarded him, this causes protest from Charlie who knows that Oakley will greatly shorten his life. The party however respecting Oakley’s wishes restrain Charlie and take him to the nearest guard of the Abbey to watch over him. When the party returns to where Oakley was they find him marching to the shrine of Bahamut.

As the party contemplates their next step, Sarah shows up with a big sack and returns Saf’s gouge to him new and approved, she then places her sack behind a large tree. Before anybody can rejoice over the reunion though the group is attacked by two strong looking Githyanki. As the party engages the foe, the party finds out one of these two enemies is dominating Fruitbat causing him to smash his allies. The party quickly proceeds to lay on the hurt against the Githyanki the suspect taking control of Fruitbat and attempt to bring him down. Finally they manage to kill the enemy and he comes back to his senses only then to attack Sarah with a furious attack. Just then Oliver jumps in front of it and takes the massive damage nearly going down in one hit.

Shocked the party then watches as Sarah turns into Alie, the succubus that has been absent this entire time from the battle. She laughed and told the party they are fools and then proceeded to whistle, and from behind the tree comes Hurly fully restored. With two new enemies on the field the party found themselves in a difficult position as Hurly began to crush every one in his path. On top of all that Alie was capable of taking control of Fruitbat once with her charming gaze. With the parties resources running thin and with an immortal and a devil to fight things looked bleak. Just then though Oakley completed his ritual and unleashed his power. Realizing that wasting anymore time on the party would jeopardize their other missions in the Abbey. Alie ordered Hurly to disengage and enact his mission why she herself flew off to the main gate.

With only one Gityhanki left the party overcame him quickly. Just as Oakley arrived, looking as he has in his prime and wearing radiant platinum armor. Oakley told the group that Vestapalk was sited and would most likely be breaching the Abbey in a little bit. Oakley then suggested that they all together head to wherever Vestapalk arrives and deal with the green dragon right then and there. Agreeing the party headed toward the main gate to blunt the threat of Vestapalk.

Last time on Dragon's Bane 5

As the adventure begins the group has come to realize that the day is far from over. Working together once more they manage to repel the enemies forces. But before they have time to rest they are accosted by a pair of Orgrillions and a Half-orc death mage. Using powerful magics the mage creates an earth ramp to reach the top of the walls. Facing a dangerous breach the party tries their best to push the enemy back only to nearly lose Fruitbat. Finally, though the group was capable of overcoming their enemies and destroyed the force they were fighting.

Upon returning the the main garrison the party was told to rest for the remainder of the day by Sir Oakly who was concerned for their health. Before that happened though most of the members from the group went about doing some tasks. Trevon concerned about the earth ramparts talked to the mages in the Abbey about the magic. From them he learned that the magic was druidic in nature. Lukan sought to learn more from the clerics of Pelor about their god. Finding out about the nature of Pelor Lukan decided to share in the worship of Pelor in order to hopefully one day gain the help from the deity in order to raise his own dead god. Finally, some of the members checked on the Fey grove and found that the cool and stalwart Eldritch Knights had finally arrived.

What occurred next was five days of a flurry of activity. The very first day the group and the Abbey was hammered by wave after wave of enemies. With a little luck and a strong defense the group managed to hold out. Day two started peacefully but ended in a flurry of action as a huge force of Half-orc mages began to create earth ramps from all the front sides. With quick action and magic wielding of their own the group was able to help end the assault before the walls were overtaken. On the third day scouts got over the wall and preceded to wreck havoc among the Paladins and Knights, the party tried to help but was not capable of slowing down the infiltration. The Fourth day was a solemn day, many people felt down and many of the mercenary forces were feeling worn thin from the constant attacks, the party made every effort to appease the people and were capable of a rousing success.

The last day the party faced the greatest challenge yet. The enemies had created at this time a massive siege tower, standing at a hundred and fifty feet in height. This monstrosity was capable of launching arrows clear over the wall even a thousand feet away. The party was tasked with the mission of infiltrating the tower and bringing it down. The party was successful in making it inside and damaging the tower. Upon reaching the top however, they were faced with Gort the Troll and the unnamed Githyanki that they had seen on the top of the battlefield. The party quickly learned that the enemies were seeking to cripple them by taking out their healers. A tactic the Githyanki enforced in ordering Gort to keep up the brutal assaults on Trevon. In the end however Gort killed the Githyanki and jumped from the tower, claiming he just loves to cause death and destruction. Just before the party could take the time to catch their breathes, the tower began to rumble. Open escaping the tower and making it back to the Abbey the party saw that the tower was now on fire, glowing eerily green with. That night the defenders of the Abbey had an ominous feeling.

Last time on Dragon's Bane 4

The adventure begins with the group making more plans for the upcoming siege and keeping an eye on their new guests. The group after a few hours of deliberating then head off to get some sleep. In the morning one hour after dawn the siege begins in full. The Abbey is assaulted from three sides. Seeking to protect the gate at all costs the group takes the main wall in order to fight back the enemies that have arrived.

At the tower walls the group meets a large number of orcs leading a siege tower to the main wall. The swarms of orcs then proceed to batter at the gate and the wall with as much power that they can muster. The group responds with a counter attack to the siege tower. After a prolonged fight the group was surprised be some half-orc scouts that were among the swarm of orcs pounding at the wall. With this surprise attack the party lost Glip their assigned help, as he was pummeled and then was pushed to his death. With no time to mourn the party launched a fearsome counter attack and managed to beat back the orcs. The tower was then collapsed by the kobolds managing it, in an attempt to by them some cover for retreat.

Once the first wave was pushed back the group dis-engaged themselves from the front-line and sought word on how every one else fared. It was at this time they learned many scouts got over the wall and released powder into the air. Mages studying the powder could not figure out what it was used for, only after Oliver testing the powder did the group learn that each sample was comprised of dreampowder (a mild hallucinogen) and different spices giving off different flavors. Puzzled by this the group sought to find more answers. Meanwhile some of the party members felt that the rogue Varrius lent to them was not working out since she failed to show herself on the battle field. When asked about this the girl simply shrugged and repeated she wanted the sword.

Not able to rest long or solve the mystery of the powder to party was forced back onto the wall for another wave, this time minus Glip and Ul (who decided to scout). The party was surprised however when they came face to face with trolls bringing a light catapult with them. Furthermore, the trolls had orc grenadiers. Realizing that the group could be in some serious trouble, Saf dove in head first trying to slow down the trolls. This bought his party some time to deal with the catapult and the grenadiers. Things went south quickly however when the party received a beating from the trolls who proved to be powerful and the grenadiers who used explosions to even the playing field. When all looked lost Iodyia revealed herself to the party and began to lay waste to the grenadiers and the trolls. Finally, she took out the catapult and with the party pushed back the wave.

Relieved that Varrius didn’t sell them a lemon the group was more open to the woman they now knew as Iodyia. Once more the group left the wall this time tending to massive injuries and seeking more word on what is going on. Kregal Ironside made note that the attacks from clan Bloodspear make no sense and that at this rate the siege will have broken itself against the Abbey. Knowing that orcs are a brutish race this had gone unnoticed until now by the Paladins who felt this was normal tactics for orcs. Still Ironside felt like he needed to brush up on the history of the Abbey and excused himself from the next fight in order to do some book reading. In the meantime the party sought to busy themselves after they recovered knowing the next attack was likely coming soon.


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