Rebirth of Light

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The adventure begins with the party locked in serious debate with over how to prepare for the coming siege. Talking with Sir Oakley the group learns that Clan Bloodspear will likely take a direct approach and smash through the front gates. Sir Oakley suggests a sortie be issued in order to prevent Clan Bloodspear’s spearhead vanguard from testing the defenses of the Abbey.

The party then began to be discussed over what they could be facing out in the battlefield. Trevon showed his inexperience with large scale warfare seeking only to focus on what he knew would be on the battlefield instead of what was a possibility. Thus, confusing logistics with conjecture. In the end the party agreed to lead the sortie with a group of cavaliers. Their primary mission was to push the first wave back, while their secondary mission was to scout ahead. Before they left though they had Hurly sealed away in a wall, to prevent him from being broken out.

For their upcoming mission the party was allowed to choose two companions capable of assisting them in the function of the mission. After some debate the part chose two seemingly capable companions and set out. They met first contact midday when they encountered a small group of orcs and Troll-orcs. The party soon learned that these warriors are fierce indeed. After a defeating their enemies on the field the party found some siege engines and planned an aerial offensive. Unfortunately for the group they were incapable of damaging even one of the engines. Oddly enough though one of the towers did fall over, what could have been the cause is anybodies guess.

Realizing that the Bloodspear army could be upon them soon the group retreated to the safety of the Abbey to re-plan. Once inside, the group began to disperse to seeking to provide some assistance where they could. Trevon received a transmission from Count Marrick, who was unhappy with the group for not listening to his demands earlier. Trevon after managing to placate him, received a surprise when Varrius interrupted the conversation. Varrius offered the group a deal, he would send them supplies and some helpful assistance, if they helped him retrieve a broken sword interred with a fallen Paladin. Not wanting to break into a tomb and steal the sword, and not trusting Varrius, the party went to the head Paladins with the request. At first the Paladins were against it, believing Varrius was planning on using the sword to some how hurt the order, but after delegations with the group they changed their mind.

Re-opening communications back up with Varrius, Oliver took over delegating with the chubby man in order to get a better deal. The party wanted more assistance, at first Varrius was extremely reluctant to send another person, instead he would offer more free gear after the sword was delivered to him. All of a sudden though he changed his mind and made the deal with group. Just then two female Shadar-kai appeared in the room. When the party questioned them one refused to talk and the other simply stated that she would help and then take the sword. After that exchange the party was given some valuable items.

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The adventure begins with the majority of the party enjoying a nice lounge in the public bath of Gardmore Abbey. The Bard on the other hand has decided to spend his evening with the lovely Sarah, a merchant in the business of selling lingerie. The rest of the party is visited in the bath by Linn in the guise of a male as she talks shop with the men of the party. She notes that they will most likely be facing off against trolls soon and that she can whip them up some Alchemist’s fire. The party agrees to her generosity. Taking her words to heart Saf sought to find a weapon capable of producing flames in order to combat the trolls in the nearby area.

Later that day Trevon asks Sir Oakley for a map of the mountains and markings as to where the scouts were sent off to. Making his own notes Trevon and the rest of the group decided to investigate the trolls themselves. Sir Oakley told them though that it might be prudent to go and visit the grove in the Abbey in the morning before setting out. The party did just that once the morning had come. Visiting the grove brought some interesting insight into the groups lives.

Later that morning the group set off on the same trail that the scouts reportedly took, not long into their march they were ambushed by a group of trolls. What resulted was a short skirmish in which the party won. The victory was short lived however when they were confronted by a troll calling himself Hurly. The party threatened death to the brute but he nearly had a laughing fit in response. Yet another, this time tougher fight ensued. The group quickly found out that Hurly was one troll not to mess with. Finally the party brought him down and burnt him to a crisp, as Oliver went to investigate the body, he got a nasty surprise as Hurly returned from the dead and attacked him. Finally the party put him down again and this time with acid, fire, and dismemberment. During their short rest Trevon was attacked by the newly revived Hurly. At whits end the party finally got Hurly was immortal and figured it was best to take him in after subduing him once more.

Back at the Abbey the party turned over Hurly and learned that people were getting sick, for some strange reason. Putting that to the side for the moment the group learned from Hurly that the Githyanki in the mountains had met with a man resembling Krallix, this man supposedly told the Githyanki he could get them what the desired the most. Qoul the Githrezai was disturbed by this and went off on his own to seek out information. The party also found out that Hurly could only die when he and his brother Burly were in close proximity to each other. Exhausted the party told Oakley that they would investigate the cause of the sickness in the morning. Hurly was taken to a special cell to hold him.

In the morning the group learned that the disease had exploded over night and was affecting the majority of those in the Abbey. Steeling themselves the group went to the lowest part of the Abbey, to investigate a strange force they felt emanating from the area. Once there they were attacked by undead and what seemed to be a giant insect with glowing orange crystals. At first the party thought they had the upper hand until something horrible came forth from the crystals. With it’s power alone the battle soon became uncertain, never the less the party fought an up hill battle and won. They soon found the body of their fallen comrade from the first visit to the Abbey to be the cause of the disease. Making sure to bless everything and burn it for good measure the party returned topside to begin the process of healing.

Two day late Qoul returned battered and beaten up, he told the defenders of the Abbey that the Githyanki were coming and they were riding pact dragons. With these weapons in the possession of the enemy the Abbey would soon face a full scale invasion. Sir Oakley quickly tried to marshal reinforcements only to learn that the nearest place had already fallen to Burly the troll. Burly went on to inform every one that reinforcements were not going to make it in time, because he was going to be a hindrance. The party and the Abbey has a day and a half to prepare themselves for the oncoming assault. For now and army comes marching towards them seeking to bring ruin to the Abbey once and for all.

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The group recovers from there fight with Bitterstrike the White Dragon and head of to get some rest, and sell some loot. Lukan points out though that the party has not gone to find out what happened to the village of Frostblade. Sheepishly the rest of the part head back north to investigate, only to find the town in ruins and the some of the defenders dead. The party makes their best attempt to set some things right before head off to see if lord Frost can help.

At Frost manor, the party confers with lord Frost and get him to promise to send thirty men to Frostblade to help them out. They also tell him about the giants to the north but all this does is anger him, he does take action though sending some spies up north in order to investigate the giant’s claims. Afterwords he gives them warning to be more diplomatic with Count Marrik who seeks to undermine the group.

After this the party is sent on a easy quest in order to gain some regents for three mages that they owe. The quest turns deadly when the once more meet those seeking revenge. The party struggles to survive against Ugly, Verma, Eteketh, and their unearthed prize the Dark Pharaoh. Finally the party prevails but the enemies get away. Afterwards Lukan gets caught up in the immortal game. A game of chess that is played out on multiple levels of being.

Finally the party reaches Gadmore’s Abbey, just in time to see them repel yet another invasion. Amongst the group of defender’s is Alex the Bright, a shining and powerful paladin and Sir Oakley an old friend of the group. Once introductions are made the party is led inside to me meet old friends and new. Adamas a group of all female adventures introduce themselves to the party, one of their members is Lenna a female mage that the party had spared when she got mixed up with the wrong crowd during the their last visit to the abbey.

Unfortunately not all is well in the abbey. Refuges from the surrounding area have started to get sick and Sir Oakley is taxed as it is. On top of it everyone is a little on edge to a githyanki monk giving warnings of a possible githerzai invasion and one dangerous criminal known throughout the land as Ghorn the unstoppable, who is being held prisoner at the abbey through a large amount of magical means.


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