Rebirth of Light

A New friend and a new foe.

With the Black Reaper sealed, for the time being but still in the hands of an unknown foe (friend?) the group decides that they need to regroup and get more resources. At that point in time the group discovers and unconscious man in the woods. When the awaken him, they find out that he is a gifted hunter from the Wild Hunt. He was attacked in the woods by presumably the Black Reaper and left for dead. Not buying his story but still needing assistance the group decides to hire on this wayward hunter.

Soon after the group makes plans to buy some ebony flies, recalling how useful they are. Also the group tries to get a hold of their lost comrade but with out luck. Making the quick talks to their families and important people in their lives the group decides that the next target should be Ziros who is close to Karkoth. Setting their plans in motion the party ventures forth.

After some island hopping the group finally comes to the desserts that is home to Ziros. It isn’t long however, before the group finds themselves assaulted by all sides from the devilish brain’s brain dead minions. After dealing with the daos the group heads into the depths of a inverted sand pillar. What occurs inside is nothing more then a desperate struggle for life as the group is overwhelmed. Finally, when it looks like Trevan is about to breath his last, he gets assistance from Moradin, with the assurance that his people return the Shovel of Mighty Digging to another group of dwarven followers.

Once freed from the death trap the group converges on the only living residents in the dessert not under the control of Ziros. From them they learn that long ago Ziros was killed by a group of heroes that then disbanded shortly after. The leader of that group stayed in the dessert and their descendants fell under the wraith of Ziros. Now the young leader of this group of travelers tells the party that Ziros is in possession of a rolling pyramid, in which he takes up living. With this knowledge the group promises to free the young leader from Ziros’s curse and bring about a new age for them.

After resting with the dessert travelers that party makes it’s way to the rolling pyramid. What results next, is a fierce aerial battle against the massive juggernaut. With quick thinking the group is able to board the pyramid and continue the fight indoors. However, Ziros grows bored of watching the party massacre his mummies and golems so he takes them to a special place. Once there he allows for the group to destroy his pyramid. Now, in a strange part of the dessert, the group faces the wraith of two earthquake dragons.

After a long, fierce and taxing fight the group is able to put down the twin dragons only to be attacked by Ziros himself shortly after. The group is caught off guard at first by the mental might of Ziros, as he overloads them with a barrage of mental images. Then his elder earth elemental shell smashes those left standing into the dust. Luckily enough, Lucien pulls through with his powerful bolts of energy and tears apart the elder earth elemental. However, Ziros remains and he proves that he is a handful by himself. Finally, the group prevails and Ziros is also sealed away in the elemental crystal.

Weakened and near the point of unconsciousness the group is visited by Halar, who informs them that the crystal they carry resembles a crystal that he had in the past. Though he could kill them right then and there he can’t motivate himself enough to care to do it. Thus he lets them go. Upon returning to the dessert travelers the group is awarded with some gold and a promise to look for more of Ziros’s treasure and give it to the party when that time comes. Finally, the leader of the group decides to teach Trevan how to connect with the mystically energies of performing rituals. Meanwhile, Sieg is informed that the balance of life on the planet is shifting towards death.

Short Recap
Things Happen

The world has advanced rapidly the party was able to achieve many great success as well as have some failures. In the end they were capable of ending the war but not without great loss. The brave if not dumb Fruitbat was laid low by Vehemens the Slayer in one on one combat. Also, the dark six revealed the truth of their plans and broke any control the Vale had on them. Finally, Charlie revealed she was actually Ioun and directly interfered with the preceding events costing her greatly. Never the less the party was able to move forward as heroes.

Ten years later and the world is in even greater peril. Trevon now the king of his own kingdom faces the threats of enemies from all sides. Nove Arkhosia from the west, the Iron Circle from the south and Karkoth from the east. Called forth to the the meeting of Nera, king Trevon set off on a new quest with some new allies and a few old ones.

Soon however, his new group would face a challenge they had never dreamed of. A giant glacier feel from the sky and crashed into the meeting killing many of the nobles there. A group calling themselves the greater elemental eyes appeared and pronounced doom on the entire planet. With time slipping away the group prepares themselves to face this challenge. Though many ask what deeper plot is a foot.

The group first traverses back the Vale and seeks to slay the blue dragon Stormbiter to take her crystal that can help bring about the end of the greater elemental eyes. Through a fierce fight the party won and got the crystal, though they would soon find the enemy a strange and difficult one to beat.

They first went to Storm Tower and attempted to climb it. They found the flying enemies in the tower to be more then a match for the party and if not for the aid of the Teifling elementalists powerful arcane powers the party would be dead. Finally they faced Amadia the mighty queen of the tower, but soon found they would be not match against her range. Luckily they were assisted by Valerous who channeled the divine might of his god to challenge the elemental. With her giving herself a handicap the party was able to win the day and to the surprise of their enemy seal her away in the crystal.

Now however, the party faced a new challenge the dreadful creature called the Black Reaper appeared on the coasts nearby. It’s power to absorb souls had caused it to become a mighty creature since they last fought. Taking a side track the party hunted it down. When they found it, they learned that their ally was unable to seal it. Now fighting for their lives the party learned the truth about the horrible creature. It had the ability to consume the souls within it once it is killed to evolve and become stronger. This adaptive evolution would have proved to much for the party had they not been able to activate the seal and trap the creature. However a Teifling stole the item and the party gave chase. The soon learned web within web existed as the Teifling’s allies were attacked and killed and the Teifling left it’s skin behind. The only thing known was a cloak man did the attacking and that the art called Ninjustu was used by the Teifling.

Now the mysteries build, danger and enemies lurk on all sides. Four more eyes remain and time is running short. The party now faces the most dangerous tasks set before them.

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Red Dragon Tango and All Road Lead to Hell

Finally the party finds themselves face to face to face to face, with the three headed red dragon Calastryx. Facing a foe like never before the party is actually taken a back by the beast. Gloating at their obvious fear Calastryx makes note that their Dwarven ally has already been taken out of the game. Noting that he was indeed buried in the rubble the party has no time to rescue him since they feel the imminent threat of the foul creature. Spurred to action, Frutibat takes point while Trevan tries to organize a plan of attack. This nearly goes awry however when the group his hit by the full might of the red dragon and are all nearly taken out from the get go. However, the group is able to marshal the inner reserves and counter attack. Things however go from bad to worse.

Upon dealing real damage to the mighty dragon she sprouts yet another head. Revealing that she is part hydra. Reeling from the fact that three heads were already nearly to much, the party once more tries it’s best and for once it was good enough. Landing blow after mighty blow on the dragon giving and in return receiving massive damage the party finally puts down the last head of the mighty dragon. Spent and nearly broken the party collapses in exhaustion. At this point the ally the buried Dwarf makes his appearance and buries his war pick into one of the skulls of the dragon. Grumbling all the while that no one dug him out. Now facing the extremely, difficult task of taking a rest in the middle of the enemies base, the party sets up camp.

During their rest however something does not set right with the party and they question their Dwarven ally on how he escaped the rubble. He then comments that it is easy when your Dupliss. This makes the party instantly stand up and prepare to attack but they are given warning by the crafty shape shifter that Krallix is about to unleash hell literally. Or it could be a lie… he said before vanishing. Torn as to what to do the party heads out of their shelter before the rest is up to examine the area Dupliss told them about. They stumble upon an altar that does indeed lead to a portal that could be used to summon devils. Now realizing that a bigger threat is on the horizon the party tries to destroy the portal.

Unfortunately for them Krallix shows up with a prisoner in tow to sacrifice to open the portal. Alister immediately shoots the prisoner with magic missile preventing Krallix from using him as a sacrifice. Krallix, however states that they kid had already served his function and opens the portal up. He then announces to the group that they are to the true sacrifices and manages to push most of them in leaving only Alister and Oliver left as prisoners. Krallix offers them both a chance to join his group. Alister refuses and jumps through the portal, while Oliver mulls it over before finally admitting he would like to join but he doesn’t trust devils. Nodding to his Draconian troops. Oliver is carried to the portal and tossed in. When the party awakens they find themselves staring at the opposing figure of a Pit Fiend.

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Snake in the Machine

The party awakes in the morning to see the last survivor burst into black flames. From his shadow Hebi arises, and mocks the group. Before they can mount a counter attack however he flees into the shadows. Now worrying that they have an enemy that is hiding away from them, the party puts themselves on guard. As they trudge ahead they come across an aptly placed bridge. Noting that this is the perfect place for an ambush they none the less attempt to cross the bridge. Just then they are attacked by Hebi and his ninja. The battle is fast and quick as many of the party members nearly fall to their death but with the brutality of Fruitbat at their hands the party is able to put the ninja down and send Hebi plummeting to his end. Or so they think.

After their fight with the ninja the party attempts to stealth on ahead less they bring more enemies to their attention. Things go awry however when they come upon a machine lab. Examining the place they find many Dwarven slaves that have been forced to work for a mysterious Gnome. Upon further detail the explain that all of Krallix’s recent machines come from this man. The party decides that it is a good idea to free the slave in hopes of slowing this Gnome down. However upon freeing them the slaves begin to wreck stuff. This draws the attention of the owner of the lab. Feeling as if another fight is about to break loose the party arms themselves against the onslaught of machines.

After a few minutes of nothing happening the party realizes that they aren’t going to be attacked. Letting their guard down a little they decide to take the western gate when all of a sudden a shaft falls from the sky. Emerging from the shaft is a Gnome covered head to toe in armor who looks more like a deranged mini Warforged. Instantly on guard the party moves to intercept this new foe. They stop however when they realize the Gnome could care less about them and instead is more interested in the broken machines. He then demands to know what did this to his inventions and upon Fruitbat telling him about the slaves gets very angry. Through conversing with the Gnome they find that he is not very loyal to Krallix but works for him because of the money. Apparently the Gnome has a hard time getting funding after one of his inventions blew up an island and cost three hundred other Gnomes their lives.

This leads the party to asking him his name. The Gnome reveals that his is the famous Dr. Steampunk. Stifling laughter the party decides to keep him talking playing into his narcissistic nature. What results is that they find out that he is trying to make a Mecha Terresque. This chills the party into silence but their shock does not stop Dr. Steampunk from continuing his thoughts on the subject. Finally, the party asks about the western gate and learn from the Doctor that it leads to the red dragon. Thanking him for his assistance, the party lets him know he might want to leave with his prized possessions because they were bringing the place down soon. Making note of their warning the Dr. Steampunk begins packing.

Not long after taking the western gate the party runs into a bunch of Ropers and nearly die because of the encounter. Taking this as a bad sign the party ventures forward any how in order to deal with the dragon. Upon entering a tiered cave a fireball bursts forth and takes out the entrance they came from. The party looks ahead and are numbed. Six sets of eyes watch them….

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2 Deaths, a Reunion and a Purple Worm

Traveling deeper in the cavern Dragon’s Bane searches for a path that can lead to an underground pathway to Krallix’s headquarters. While on there way the party comes across some Duergar that are working on trying to get some precious metal. Realizing that they could be facing a major the battle the party tries something that the normally never do, diplomacy. Making note that the ancient metal that the Duergar are seeking is hard to find the group offers it’s services in finding the metal. Agreeing to this the party are held hostage until the metal is found, when the Duergar find the metal the let the party out on the other side of the Duergar mining base.

Now on the other side the group faces of with one of the greatest challenges ever for any adventuring party, a creature called a Swordwing. This creatures speed and power make it dangerous, extremely so. Unprepared for the volley of swift assaults the party quickly loses Blackstone, who is decapitated. Angered by this Stonesplitter flies into a frenzy and tries to avenge his former comrade. The rest of the party tries their hardest to talk with the violent creature but nothing gets through to it until it also takes Stonesplitter head, for the first time in a long time the group panics. With two members down the group tries there best to ask the Swordwing what it wants, finally noting no threats the creature takes all of the magic weapons of the dead Dwarves and head off. Saddened by there lost the party marches forward.

Meanwhile Trevan and Oliver search the paths before them scouting out every nook and cranny, as the progress further upwards. Finally the two stop when they notice that strange figures are making their way towards. Realizing that this could be a threat to them the two along with Bronzestatue set up a defensive measure to face the threat. Before they can spring the trap however they realize that the things approaching them is there party. Happy the two sides take the time to set up camp and begin to compare notes. Coming to the conclusion that they need to reach Krallix’s keep quickly the party decides that they will have to head back the way Trevan and Oliver came, Bronzestatue interjects that the party should make there way to an old outpost used by the Dwarves of yore. Agreeing to this the party proceeds to try their best to start up a digging organization to reach the outpost.

Later that night Moradin comes to Trevan and offers his aid. Being the ever hard as he is Trevan questions the need for aid but finally relents when he finds out that the party will still need about two days to get to the outposts. With Moradin’s help a path is carved in mere minutes, leading to the outpost. Not wasting any time Trevan awakens the party and all of them set out to the outpost. Once there the group sets up some fortifications and restores an alter to Moradin. When every one sleeps, Fuitbat creates an alter for Bane on the side of the outpost. Now feeling rested and secure in knowing they have a place to return to the group heads out, while leaving the one survivor from the march behind to guard the place on their return.

Making their way further into the paths the party comes across an unusual place. A spiral cave system leading upward. As they ponder it’s design the party climbs upwards while also keeping on guard. Still they are unprepared to face the massive creature known as a purple worm. Struggling against it’s massive power the group nearly dies, but with a quick turn around they are capable of pulling through in the end and drive the creature off. Never being the brightest Fruitbat dives in after the creature and manages to make a final killing blow, nearly at the expense of his own life. This makes some the group question the sanity of their killing machine but ignore the question for them moment as they drag up their friend. Realizing that they are in no shape to continue the group heads back to the outpost, when they do the find the last survivor panicked over some shadows. Ignoring him the party proceeds to head in and rest up for the battles ahead.

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No One Wishes to go to Glimmerpeak

The day finds the party once bringing back the dead. Blackrock chooses one of the many fallen that were accompanying and raises him from the dead. This chosen man however is a mere shell of what he used to be and makes it known that he feels helpless as a newborn babe in the woods. Ignoring this the party proceeds to scout ahead for the day looking for food. Fruitbat manages to accomplish this when he fights a bear in the woods, bringing back the meat the party is at least safe from starvation anytime soon. Realizing they are three days away the party begins to discuss the various things that they have encountered in life. So engrossed in their stories they barely pick up pace to reach the peaks in the distance.

Finally however they do make it to the Glimmerpeak and once there begin to restock much to the ire of the Dwarves that maintain the hold. Still though these Dwarves let it be known that they are honored bound to provide assistance to the party and the small force sent to them. They are however surprised that the force entails only one extra person though and ask what has happened to the rest of the group. To this question the party asks their own instead, asking how to get under the Dawnforge mountains. Now with their cackles raised the Dwarves let it be known that there is no way to the Dawnforge mountains from here, at least not anymore. This results in the group further asking what the Dwarves mean before getting out of them that there is a door that links the two mountains but that the door has been enchanted and sealed permanently shut.

Not letting a little thing like a magically sealed door shut, put a damper on their mood the group quickly asks if there is any sort of magic items nearby. The Dwarves inform them that indeed that there are some treasures nearby but that they are sealed away and most likely trapped. Thinking of the treasure Fruitbat agrees to head down in order to recover the stuff. After two hours of dodging traps and nearly being killed by everything, the party had finally exhausted the arsenal of the dungeon. At the end of this death trap lay three sarcophagus. With words of warning stating they may only choose one the party picks the least threatening looking figure on the statue. This of course triggers one last trap, but the group manages to survive and recover a Horn of Blasting from the tomb. Feeling better the party heads once more upward.

After resting for a little bit the group is awakened in the middle of the night letting them know that the door has been open. Curious about this the party find themselves in front of an open door. Not thinking twice the party heads off into the darkness, pulling along with them the one survivor of the long march.

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The Long March

With Hammerfast fallen the party quickly seeks a way to catch their breath and recover from the lost that they had been dealt. Finding Lord Sword as swiftly as possible they learn that his forces have been smashed back too, this has led him to consider splitting his forces to cause a diversion. With one group delaying Krallix’s army, a group of injured could retreat, meanwhile Lord Sword would seek the help of the Witch Queen to the North while the party would head south to Glimmerpeak. Not seeing much options then this the party heads out with their new Dwarven companions in tow. Seeing this as a perfect time to gain some favors, Alister the Witch asked Blackrock to revive some of the fallen at the behest of the families willing to offer some sort of service. Blackrock agreed to revive one, much to the ire of Alister, who none the less agrees to the terms. After reviving one of the young Dwarves the family offer their other son for service.

The next day the party heads out by boat heading south the Glimmerpeak, with a group of a hundred soldiers in tow. Once more the party learns why having minions doesn’t last long when they are ambushed by Sasori. During the brief back and forth between the party and Sasori, Alister casts a spell on her that forces her to leave the battlefield but not before warning them that there is an ambush up ahead. When the party is finally ambushed things go bad when they find out the water elements unsurprisingly have and advantage in the water. During the fight Alister blows away the young boy under his care and sends him to a watery grave. After the fight the party and the soldiers finally make land fall, with only five members lost out of a hundred the whole group feels good.

During the night the party sets up different watches while, Alister sneaks off to pray to the moon and the newly acquired female Drow disgusts many of the Dwarven men by changing in front of them. Later that same night as Alister returns to the party he notices that more than a few Dwarven centuries are standing still watching the fire not making a sound, curious as to why this is he gathers his party and some Dwarves and investigates. What they then find sends shivers coursing through their entire body, most of the Dwarves are dead. Sounding an alarm the group calls for all the remaining Dwarves to gather up the bodies and examine them. One old Dwarven doctor notices that each of the Dwarves attacked has what appears to be a bite mark on their neck. Quickly Dragon’s Bane pours over their combined knowledge but can not think of what could cause these wounds. Now paranoid the party orders an enclosed group with large various shifts with every one watching each other. No other Dwarves died that night but they had still lost another thirty-six brave warriors.

During the day the party gets a hold of Charlie and ask him how, what could be the cause of it. Baffled by the mixed descriptions received, Charlies promises to look into it and get back with the party later in the day. With that out of the way the group continues to head forward until they come to a perfect spot for an ambush, worried that they might get caught from enemies above the Dwarven Doctor suggests that the two fliers of Dragon’s Bane seek out a way to flushing any ambushes out. Sure enough they do in fact discover some men perched on the ledges with arrows, waiting to rain down death. With decisive action the party pounces on the would be ambushers before they can fire off to many arrows, still the arrows they do fire off cause explosions and drops some rocks on the Dwarven warriors. Suspicious that this could be a trap Alister flies back to check on the Dwarves only to find the Doctor treating an injured Dwarf. Landing Alister quickly asks what happened and the Doctor explains something came out of the cracks and killed some Dwarves. Soon as the party finished off the bandits they sought to uncover these areas of the attack. Exploring the crevices they find more Dwarves with the same puncture marks as before. In total the party lost another twenty-seven warriors to this evil.

Now greatly paranoid and with night around the corner Alister in desperation casts Augery seeking aid, he is awarded with the image of a snake, frustrated by this he asks if the party should lay a trap for the creature. After an hour of deliberation and talking to the Doctor the party decides to lay some traps and find a way to determine where the threat is coming from. With this in mind the Doctor also suggest that he checks all the warriors before lights out before turning of the lights to make sure they aren’t compromised. After a through examination he declares every one is good to go and the lights are put out. The party makes a special gesture letting every one else know that they are okay, most of the Dwarves do not make the gesture. Panicking the party re-lights the lights and checks on the Dwarves most of which are dead. Now completely paranoid Alister order everything be burned including the food. With some hesitance the party does just that. Now with Dragon’s Bane left alive with only six remaining warriors the party forms a tight circle. Alister calls on Charlie who gives an answer to their questions. The technique used to kill the warriors is a far eastern assassination ability. Curious as to what sort of technique could do this the Doctor asks to speak with Charlie, after a few minutes of talking with him, the Doctor feels that this kid knows what he is talking about. He then asks if this is the only way to get a hold of the youth and upon Fruitbat answering yes to the question the good Doctor broke the sending stone.

Shocked the party quickly learns that the Doctor is possessed by one of the Go Doku, called Hebi. Though he has the party at a disadvantage Hebi refuses to attack stating that it is his partner Sasori’s job to lead such an assault. With that he makes his escape but not before tagging in Sasori who managed to catch back up to the group. Now facing a tough foe, the party tries their best to defeat the deadly martial artist. Finally after a grueling fight the party manages to put an end to the vicious assault of the female assassin. After the battle was done the party finds out that the rest of the small group has been terminated while they were busy. This leaves none alive out of the hundred sent with the party. Filled with raw emotions and tired from their ordeals, the party heads to the still faraway Glimmerpeak alone and with out resources.

Dragon's Bane Gaiden 3
Lost in the Depth

Deep in the underground caves under the Dawnforge Mountains, Trevan and Oliver seek for a way out. With there companion Bronzestatue in tow the two wayward Dragon Banes members try their best not to get killed by the inhospitable environment that they find themselves in. As the days pass the three spelunkers face off against many threats of the underground environment including giant spiders, massive cave-ins and lava flows. With the threat of death at every turn and with resources dangerously running low, the group decides to go on the offensive and procure some food. With some planning the formidable duo find a large spider living not to far away, with a quick cunning the group manages to take out the spider and collect it’s body for meat.

After a week of being lost the group finally gets there first break when Bronzestatue, notices that fresh air is drifting into the cave. Excited the group makes haste towards the source of the air, when they note that the path ends at a wall. Wasting no time the group crafts magical items capable of allowing them to carve through the stone, with hours of work the group manages to finally break down the wall. After taking down the wall, the group finds a path leading upward. With some hope that an exit may be near the adventurers push forward.

Dragon's Bane Gaiden 2
All things are Fair in Love and War

Left to himself now, Trevan begins to ponder other avenues of escape if is wayward companion dies or forgets him. He has little time to think however as guards approach his cell. Upon seeing only once captive instead of two the guards quickly rough up Trevan to get an answer from him as to the whereabouts of his fellow captive. Trevan proceeds to make claims that he does not know where his comrade is and that even if he did he wouldn’t tell. Angered the guards quickly tie Trevan up and take him to the interrogation room.

Once there Trevan comes face to face with an older regal looking woman. She claims that she is the famous or infamous depending on who you ask mage Mystalya. Trevan recalls of a female mage the went by that name that was banned from the academic mage studies group do to potentially volatile studies. Mystalya is flattered that Trevan recalls her history, she however still informs him that she has to torture him. At this she claps he hands and a Hobgoblin wearing black clothing enters the room. He places on a table and begins the procedure. About a minute in to the torture and Trevan points out that torture is not a reliable way to get information from a subject, because those being tortured will say anything to save themselves. Mystalya agrees, but points to the circle on the ground encasing the table that Trevan is on. Mystalya explains that this circle greats a zone of truth that lights up when a helpless subject inside of it lies. Testing to see if this was the case, Trevan agrees that Mystalya had done a good job in setting up her torture den. Once again Mystalya thanks Tevan, then gestures to the Hobgoblin to continue the torture.

Meanwhile Oliver, and Aldrick make their way through secret caverns, that Aldrick knew about. As the traverse the tight corridors, Aldrick makes note that Trevan is most likely going to be taken to the torture den for questioning and that the only way to get to that area is to cross the area belonging to Smashembashem. Aldrick explains that this creature is a delirious Halfling that has long since gone made from being in the darkness. Upon arriving in Smashembashem’s lair the two are immediately set upon by the pint sized terror, who only stop when he mistakes Oliver as a lovely Elven maid. Playing the part as best as he can Oliver manages to seduce the little devil into helping them find the torture den. What occurred during this short trip is put a deep and long lasting mental scar, in the brain of Aldrick Bronzestatue.

Arriving to the den, Oliver found that he was to late in order to rescue Trevan and that he was already taken back to the cell. Furthermore, Smashembashem having held his end of the bargain wanted what was promised to him. Realizing that this would not do, Oliver found the nearest weapon and chased the runt back into the little cracks nearby. Realizing that this den had a some useful tools, Oliver gathered as many of them up as he could and headed out with Aldrick trailing behind. As the two wandered the corridors, they came upon a mess hall with some soldiers. Making a quick prayer for luck Oliver entered the room and put his bluff skills to the test. He found that none of the soldiers here where amicable not knowing who he was, but found that none of them knew where prisoners where kept. They did however knew of some one that could tell Oliver. Quickly making mental notes as to where to go, Oliver quickly dashed off, but not before getting some food. Taking the food to the Hobgoblin tortures, lair Oliver made it known that he was knew to the whole area and that he wanted to see and possible torture the prisoners a little bit. The Hobgoblin was at first skeptical, but warmed up to the lying Bard over talks of torture and unrequited love. Finally after half an hour of talking the torture decided that it couldn’t hurt to take this new soldier to see the prisoner.

Meanwhile, Trevan was taken back to his cell, by Mystalya herself, to further prevent escape the woman cast spells upon the entire cell to prevent any sort of magical teleportation in or out of the cell. As she went to leave Mystalya gives Trevan one more shocking grasp for fun and heads out of the rooms. Trevan battered and bruised notices that their is a new inhabitant to the cell, another Dwarf. This Dwarf beckons to Trevan to sit next to him. At first Trevan refuses but as he watches the Dwarf crack stones with a tiny flack of his finger his curiosity gets the best of him and he sits next to the Dwarf to observe. What occurred next was a discussion of philosophy and what it takes to be a good leader. Feeling wiser for talking with this Dwarf, Trevan once more sought to ponder his escape when suddenly Oliver and Aldrick showed up, with a Hobgoblin. Acting fast Oliver asks the Hobgoblin for the key, but is told that the Hobgoblin does not have a key to the cells. Angry now Oliver threatens the Hobgoblin with his makeshift weapon and tells him to back into the corner. Aldrick then proceeds to try to break the lock, failing this Oliver switches places with Aldrick on Hobgoblin guard duty so he can attempt to break the luck. This too failed. Sighing, Oliver began to worry that Trevan was truly trapped for good. Just then the Dwarf in the cell with Trevan stood up as he did he grew larger and larger. As he strode towards the door the earth hummed with power, the Dwarf turned to Trevan and asked if he would seek to protect when war breaks out and not look for war in it’s glory. Feeling the divine might of this being Trevan agreed and thus entered into the services of the Dwarven god Moradin. With a nod Moradin turned back to the door and with a single swing shattered it into millions of pieces.

Dragon's Bane Gaiden
Trevan and Oliver's Not So Exellent Adventure

Feigning unconsciousnesses Oliver kept an eye on the happenings of his captors, looking for the perfect time to free himself and Trevan. He knew that Trevan was in bad shape and the best way to make sure that both of them escaped was to keep his wits about him. As the day began to slip away the two adventurers were dropped off in a warren full of injured and dying members of Krallix’s army. Seeing the perfect time to act, Oliver whispered words of power to Trevan, thus infusing the Warlord once more with the energy to fight. Now awake Trevan quickly scanned the area and came to the conclusion that an attempt to break out here and now would lead to their deaths and that it was better to wait until less people were around. Coming to an agreement both Oliver and Trevan decided to feign unconsciousnesses some more in order to go unnoticed. At this point in time however rough hands descended upon them and scooped them up. Both heard a large raspy voice claim that they would be going to the cells, and soon after be interrogated.

Now finding themselves in a jail cell, stripped of their gear and weapons that two wayward members of Dragon’s Bane pondered a way to escape. As they talked back and forth they noticed a Dwarf prisoner in the cell next to them. Always being the talkative type, Oliver introduced himself and asked of the Dwarf his name and his tale of woe that led to his capture. Taken aback by the conventional tone of the Bard the Dwarf reflectively answered that his name is Aldrick Bronzestatue and that he was taken prisoner a while ago, most likely because he was a Dwarf in the wrong place at the wrong time. With introductions mostly finished, Oliver quickly got down to business asking the Dwarf is he knew of a way out of the cell. Aldrick flat out said that he did not, but that if he was let out of his cell he could possibly break them out, and then that he knew of some secret paths leading to cave that could potentially lead out. Not seeing any better options, Oliver used what little bit of magic he had to free the Dwarf from the cell by teleporting him outside the cell. Now free the Dwarf scurried off into the shadows promising to return shortly with a hammer or something equally capable of breaking the lock.

Hours pass by, with no sign of Aldrick. Oliver begins to worry that the Dwarf ran off with out them. Trevan on the other hand feels it is more likely that Aldrick has been brutally murdered, after all who heard of stealthy Dwarf. Either way both began to lose hope that Aldrick would return. An hour later however Aldrick returned with a rock and some sticks, he apologized to them for the lack of a real hammer, but with rocks and sticks and twain he could in fact make a crude hammer of sorts. Feeling as if that wouldn’t be enough Oliver offered one of the few things that they were allowed to keep when they were thrown into the cell, a Dwarven steel ale cup. Oliver figured that with this extra item, Aldrick might be able to make a solid hammer. Praying for luck the Dwarf put all the items together to make a crude hammer and banged at the door with all his might. Alas after nearly twenty minutes of banging, the cell door’s lock remained steadfast. Sighing a sad sigh Aldrick admitted that he feared as much, as he explains that he thinks that that the door is comprised of some sort of adamantine metal.

Not giving up hope however Oliver sprung one last trick that he had up his sleeve, turning towards Trevan, Oliver asks the Warlord to deck him as hard as he can. Taken aback by this Trevan instead begins to questions the Bard’s sanity, and proceeds to question him of his motives. Just then voices are heard coming down the corridor, and Aldrick gives warning that someone is approaching. Not wanting to waste time debating with Trevan, Oliver orders his comrade to deck him, shrugging his shoulders it confusion Trevan leans back and throws a mighty blow at the Bard’s face. With a poof Oliver uses the last of his magic, to teleport to the outside of the cell. He quickly turns to Trevan and explains this spell requires for him to be hit first, in order for it’s effect to activate. Oliver then tells Trevan to hold tight because he and the Dwarf where going to go hide and look for something to pick the cell lock. With those words spoken Aldrick and Trevan duck into the shadows, leaving Trevan truly alone.


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