Amadia The Djinn Queen

Mistress of Harsh Winds, the Caller of Light and Master Archer


Amadia is the queen of element Jinns of the air. She claimed the title three hundred years ago when she led he people to the prime material plane. It was during this time that she came into contact with the lord of Cloud Tower and once they crossed paths they became bitter enemies and warred. This war continued until Amadia’s people were nearly wiped out by the cloud giants, and Amadia captured. Luck however was on her side for on the day of her execution she called upon the winds and the lightning to strike and tear Cloud Tower down. Something heard her because giant bolts of lighting cut through the tower and killed all inside except Amadia. From then on the tower has been called Storm Tower.

Years have passed and Amadia works hard for the Elder Elemental Eye. She like her comrades wishes to unleash there primordial lords onto the world and bring about destruction. Amadia does this by striking from afar and putting any civilization that opposes her to death. She has the mobile fortress Thunder Palace, which she stole from a demigod from the west. With this castle she often leads the front line assault into combat for her group. Interestingly enough when she encounters a strong group she challenges them to single combat if they show their worth. Amadia worships Yan-C Bin, Mual-Tar and Tharizdun.

Amadia The Djinn Queen

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