Atzend Acid Lord

Lord of Acid, Master of Slimes and One of Five Grand Elemental Eyes


Atzend is a powerful lord of slimes and acid that hales from the lands of Karkoth. It is said that he was consumed a hundred years ago by slimes and lost his lands. In truth he underwent a metamorphosis into his current form in the Temple of Elemental Evil. No with the power over acid of all sorts he can bring down entire nations with his slimy cohorts.

Aztend is the most calculating out of the group. He takes things in stride with a mind dedicated towards understanding his foe before devouring them. To this end he is a fearsome enemy that prefers to lure enemies into traps and expose them to harsh dangers. When it comes to warfare he never dirties his hands personally. Besides Tharizdun he worships the demon lord Jubilex.

Atzend Acid Lord

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