Avangeline Frostblade

She out drunk Fruitbat.


Avangeline Frostblade is a descendant of the hero that settled the town of Frostblade. Because of this she has made sure to become strong and fierce in order to protect her home and her people. As one of the leaders of the village she makes sure to know what all the warriors are capable of.

When she worked with Dragon’s Bane while they were in the north she made a connection with the dimwitted Fruitbat. Furthermore, she proved to be a strong ally that helped the group when things looked the worse. After the destruction of Frostblade the group returned to find a severely injured Avangeline tending to her people. The group quickly provided assistance to her and made sure to heal her. Afterwards the group would talk to Lord Frost on behalf of Frostbalde seeking assistance for Avangeline and her people.

Avangeline Frostblade

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