Kaeru (Toad)

Master of Toad style.


This fat unkempt man was apart of the deadly group called the Go Doku. Known as Kaeru-sama AKA Lord Toad, he proved to be a tough challenge for Dragon’s Bane. What this man lacked in power he made up for in defense. His style allowed him to simply take numerous hits from the group with impunity as he picked and choose his targets. He was finally brought low by Fruitbat’s mighty charge.

Style Note:
Toad style allows for it’s practitioners to jump and leap as their namesake. In this case the powerful leg muscles of those that practice this style is often used with furious downward smash kicks as the fighter flies through the sky. This style also allows for the target to use powerful charges. The ultimate technique of this style however is a stance that gathers the bulk of the user and centers it. When this is done the target becomes nearly impervious to all physical damage. It is said that Kaeru had mastered the stance to the point that it allowed him to resist all forms of damage not just physical.

Kaeru (Toad)

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