Sasori (Scorpion)

Master of Scorpion Stlye


This leggy woman, keeps her long hair in a braid tightly pulled back. Known as Sasori-Same AKA Mistress Scorpion, this woman proved a dangerous foe to the group, even more so to Alister. First making her appearance after the death of Kaeru, this woman tried to bait Fruitbat to give chase. When her plan did not work she shrugged and continued on with her other mission. The group runs into her again after the fall of Hammerfast as they travel the water ways. Alister luckily enough manages to charm her and asks for her to retrieve something for him far, far away. Thinking him a friend Sasori does so leaving the party to fight the rest of their ambushers with out her interfering. Finally, after the revealing Hebi after the slaughter of the entire band of survivors that the team was leading Sasori managed to catch up to the group. Noting that his job was done Hebi tagged out to his fellow Go Doku member. What ensued next was violent clash as the party found that Sasori’s legs were more than for show. Finally, though the group was capable of laying the might warrior low.

Style Note:
Scorpion style puts emphasis on pin point leg strikes. As such those that practice this style use the point of their foot as piercing blade. Those that study this style can also kick so hard as to create high points of pressure thus giving the kicks a little more reach then normal. Because of the importance of hitting pressure point with this style many of those that use this style has mastered the ability to quickly size up anatomy, this has allowed for masters of the Scorpion style to take limited control of an opponent’s body. Sasori had mastered the Scorpion style to such a degree that even the power of her gaze could effect the neurological pressure points in a opponent’s head thus weakening them. She also combined the Scorpion style with dessert dance moves allowing he to hit multiple targets quite quickly. Finally, Sasori had mastered the ultimate technique of the Scorpion style, called three point revenge. Which enacts a devastating curse upon a single target.


Sasori (Scorpion)

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