Zviad Silvermane

Cunning Lord


Short cropped silvery grey hair hangs gently over his face, two eyes the color of the deep earth stare at you. His face is young and round but his jaw is narrow and firm giving him a distinctively handsome look.


When the war against the dragons ended many of the Lords of the Vale were dead or weakened by the events that unfolded. No place was hit the worse then the south, after the dark sphere. Worried about not governing the already wild lands less then they had before, the remaining lords decided to promote new families of wealth to the position of Lords. The Silvermane family had worked for years as crafters to many of the old Lords of the Vale and for their loyalty and service they were promoted to the positions of Lords.

Zviad Silvermane was only eighteen when these events occurred and he had just gotten back from serving in the war. Despite his youth he had earned a name for himself on the battlefield for being brave and cunning. When he returned he saw himself elevated to an even higher position, just on merit of his families new fortune. Zviad quickly adapted to the world of nobility as it is in the Vale, but despised the way the many of the Lords handled themselves during the war and after. He soon wanted to change the way things were being run in the land and started a small military group with his old comrades at arms. At the age of twenty-two his father passed away from a wasting illness, thus making Zviad one of the youngest Lords ever in the Vale.

After he became the head of his families estate he turned the family business from one of silver crafts and jewelry to one of making steel armor and weapons. He began to found his own troops with his high end gear as well as offer to sell his armaments to the other lords. Furthermore, he opened a military school to train the best to become even better, this school was open to all as long as they showed talent. Even heads of other lords troops were sent to this place in order to receive further training.

With the military aspect of his life in hand Zviad jumped all in into the intrigue of politics. He proved himself a shrewd negotiator and tactful businessman. He also showed an eye for talent and picked out the best wayward adventurers to become his skilled eyes and ears in the south, clearing out ruins and keeping him updated on the current events. He also set about amassing new allies out of the new upstart Lords of the Vale, though none as close as his second in command Miir.

Recently Zviad unveiled his greatest work, the Iron Knights. A group of hard trained fighters numbering in about 1,250 members. Each and everyone of these men and women possess more then just fighting talent as all of them must be skilled in other endeavors too. When the undead arose in the south, 200 hundred specially selected Iron Knights broke off from the group to from the Dusk Wardens. The Dusk Wardens have grown in size since then, from 200 to 415. These two specialized forces have become the heroes of the Nentir Vale.

Many of the older Lords are beginning to fear the growing power of Zviad, who in just ten years has become one of the strongest Lords in the whole Vale. Furthermore, many of these Lords now realize that the captain of their own guards were trained by Zviad’s men and may have loyalties outside of the nobles they serve. This has already become evident when one of the older Lords was arrested after housing secret talks with a member of the Iron Circle. Finally, the people of the Vale have fallen in love with Zviad and his very public group of Knights and Wardens. Most likely Zviad will achieve the rank of Grand Lord, which frightens many of the other Lords.

Zviad Silvermane

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