Holy order of Paladins

The Holy order of Paladins is a renown group across the continent. Their mission is a simple one, help stomp out evil where ever it rears it head. Thirty years ago they set a branch of their organization in the Nentir Vale. Each of the branches of the order work independently of each other but must report any problems with the head branch. Because of this the Holy order of Paladins lacks a cohesiveness between each of the branches which are asked to defend their own areas. Still each branch can ask for limited assistance from the main branch when dealing with a difficult problem.

The Holy order of Paladins located in the Vale is comprised of no more than two hundred Paladins at a given time. The order is comprised of Five different ranks of level, with the lowest rank being for introductory members. The leadership is broken into three equal positions held by the most oldest and esteemed of the order. These three men come from different races and each worships a different god. The Holy order of Paladins in the Vale lack a strong presence due to the size of the land they must cover and their limited numbers.

Overview: This group is comprised of members who worship a multitude of gods, individual church orders lend their Paladins to the organization as a sign of fraternity and loyalty. Members who join this group are still beholden to the teachings of their faith but most also look beyond that and swear loyalty to the group as a whole. It is through this process that many different religious beliefs can come together for the greater good. The order of loyalty is consider to be ranked thus, your god, the Holy order of Paladin, your religious church order.

Membership qualifications: Must not worship a chaotic or evil deity. Also a young Paladin must prove their worth to the organization as a whole.

1st order Recruits: New members, that begin their training.
2nd order Questing: Members sent out on adventures, to gain more experience of the Vale.
3rd order Defenders: Often sent to guard specific locations or people. Can still adventure.
4th order Holy Militants: Generals given the ability to hire and lead soldiers in battle.
5th order Leaders: Organizational leaders.

Sir Dofry: Human Paladin of Pelor
Sir Grimwald: Dwarf Paladin of Moradin
Sir Waker: Deva Paladin of the Raven Queen.

A sub-order of the Holy order of Paladins is that of the Cavaliers, which is comprised of no more the eighty-eight members.

Holy order of Paladins

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